About Me

  • – I’m a San Francisco native! (am I the first one you’ve met?!)

  • – My dream job – Wildlife Photographer for National Geographic

  • – I love the outdoors and want to do more adventure elopements (Yosemite anyone?!)

    – I love my favorite food so much, I have my main website redirected for it www.photosandburritos.com 😀

  • – Speaking of burritos, don’t forget to check out this post about the best burritos in San Francisco

    – In another life I’d be a yoga instructor and park ranger
    #handstandsallday #yogaeverydamnday

    – Les Miserables is my most watched movie

    – I have about 30 combined blazers and vests

If you want to do a portrait shoot at Disneyworld / Disneyland let me know! I will give you a special package in order to fulfill this fantasy 🙂