San Francisco City Hall Destination Wedding – Mariame and Andrew

May 2, 2019

Mariame and Andrew held their actual wedding at San Francisco City Hall a week prior to this shoot, opting for a separate session without their family and friends in attendance since they wanted to put more focus on Couples portraits as opposed to the ceremony and family photos. Mariame, living in New Jersey, and Andrew, living in Australia, did the whole long-distance for several years and chose San Francisco as their meeting point in order to see some sightseeing and to showcase the building that they fell in love with. Preferring an empty building all to themselves, I mentioned to Mariame that the building closes at 8 o’clock and that they would have a higher chance of an empty building in the evening. Preceding their City Hall wedding photoshoot with a trip to Lake Tahoe, they got plenty of outdoor photos, so they spent more time focusing on the architecture of San Francisco City Hall, as they both were absolutely in love with the building, Mariame wanted to spend 90% of their time inside the building and settled with just a few shots of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge at the end…since they were visiting San Francisco after all 🙂

They were such a fun Couple to shoot and absolutely down for any of the ideas I proposed, even if they did not understand what it was for! Prior to the shoot, I mentioned a Game of the Thrones idea I had been itching to try and they said there were totally down for it, despite not having seen any episodes! Can you tell what character is being shown in that one photo? 🙂

It was an honor to help them celebrate their new marriage together and to give them some unique San Francisco City Hall images, showing off the architecture that they so admited, while also showing off their beautiful smiles and chemistry together