San Francisco City Hall Wedding – JeKaren and Niran

June 2, 2017

JeKaren and Niran held their wedding at San Francisco City Hall in front of a few family and friends to help witness their union. JeKaren originally contacted me via my Instagram page, where I often post San Francisco City Hall Wedding images, which is slowly becoming a more common way of being found for photography services. I guess all those hashtags are working out!

They were both so fun to be around, but JeKaren’s smile and laugh was definitely the highlight for me.  Whether waiting in the lobby for their number to be called or taking goofy selfies before the Ceremony, I swear she had a smile on her face every time I looked in her direction. Such a good energy to be around 🙂

During the couples portraits, I asked them if they were OK with lying down on the floor, and they happily agreed. It’s always fun working with open-minded couples, who generally have no idea what I am doing but put their trust in me and the creative process. The two attracted a gentleman wondering what they were doing on their backs, and they pointed to me looking down on them 2 stories up. Feeding off their carefree personalities, I suggested that they kick their arms and legs in a swimming motion to give him a little entertainment – gotta take care of your audience right?! 😀