Top Reasons to Elope

For the longest time, people have had various preconceived notions and mixed feelings in regards to elopement, and why would a person choose to get married in such a way. What if I told you that choosing to elope can be the best decision you will ever make despite what the society dictates on marriage? In this article, I will take time and help you dispel some of the myths associated with eloping, and why it will be excellent for you if you are planning to have a “just-for-us” wedding. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider eloping

  1. Celebrating your day with an adventure

The traditional wedding can be quite tedious when it comes to planning. During this period, you will have to deal with lots of people who come with different opinions. However, by eloping, you are foregoing all this trouble and choosing to start your life as a couple with some flair of adventure.

A huge number of couples choosing to elope are often after creating a day that will reflect their relationship. Eloping provides an opportunity for a true experience that will be remembered forever. Such memories can only be created when you and your partner are together and focusing on each other.

There are no rules for what you should do on your wedding day or elopement as long as you honour each other. If you dread the nightmare that comes with planning a wedding, opt for something that makes you happy. Plan to enjoy the clean mountain air, nature or hiking.

  1. Costs

While the costs considerations might be obvious, it is important to note that a couple looking to do a wedding will have to spend an average of $33,931. Therefore, if you are not ready to part with such amounts, pay city hall a visit, pay a meagre $50 and then spend the rest of your day with the one you love doing what makes you truly happy. Invest the extra money into an adventure that shall help you document adventures of a lifetime.

  1. There is less drama involved

As a photographer, one of the things you come along is a severed relationship between the newlyweds and their families. Such situations end with too much drama and ensuing stress. Choosing to elope ensures that you do not end up dealing with such. While weddings do bring out the best behaviour in people, it can also be a recipe for disaster.

  1. Enjoying intimacy

Couples choosing to elope instead of doing a wedding do value the connection shared between them. This gives them an opportunity to be alone when writing their love story since they get to share the experiences between themselves. When choosing to do a wedding, a couple overlooks the small intimate moments they do share due to all the activities involved in the wedding day. If you are looking for an authentic and intimate experience, eloping will be the ideal option for you.

  1. A wedding draws all the attention to you

A huge number of people will often suffer anxiety when all the attention is directed to them, a situation that comes with holding a traditional wedding. Couples have attested choosing to elope in a bid to avoid social anxiety and enjoy the day without being the centre of attention

  1. Amazing photos

Choosing to elope does not equate to not caring about your wedding experience; in fact, it means the opposite. By choosing to elope, you overlook the status quo placed in having a wedding and instead opting for an experience that is privy to who you are. There are great memories to keep when you choose to elope. The adventure involved gives you the opportunity to take great photos of just the two of you doing what you love with each other.